Camp regulations 2018

New Generation concept of basketball training with an intense degree of technical fundamental drills based on the campers basketball level, incorporated with team work and individual physical conditioning.

Directed by Dave Bustion,

International basketball manager
Expert J+S Switzerland
Certified expert coaches from Europe and the USA

1st session from JULY 2 – JULY 6 2018
2nd session from JULY 09 – JULY 13 2018

For Boys and Girls 7 to 19 years old

Please read this section “regulation” and fill out the registration/inscription form directly on our web-site section “FORM”


IMPORTANT information to read before booking

1. How to book

A. All bookings are to be made with the International All-American Basketball Camp Academy. All campers must be responsible for their full cancellation cost once registration confirmation has taken place.

B. No contract exists until IAABBCA (International All American Basketball Camp Academy) has received a signed booking form and the required full payment for the camp at registration.

C. The person signing the booking form warrants to IAABBCA that he or she has the authority of each party camper (and when a party camper is less than 18 years old, the authority of a parent or legal guardian) to contract with IAABBCA on behalf of each such member on the basis of these conditions and have agreed to be bound by them.

D. Week N°1, the first 30 overnight registration will be confirmed; Week N°2 the first 30 overnight registration will be confirmed. Additional overnight campers can only be confirmed if space is available.

2. Full payment and refunds

Full payment for the camp must be made at the time of registration. Point (1) see cancellation cost.

3. Children’s behaviour

Children, while under the full supervision of the IAABBCA, are expected to comply with all IAABBCA rules and regulations. IAABBCA reserves the right, during their stay at the camp, to send any child home or to his/her parents, if in the opinion of IAABBCA, the child is incompatible with the general well-being of the camp through his/her negligence of said rules and regulations.

4. Accident and Sickness Insurance

As almost all international children are enrolled in their own insurance schemes at home, accident, illness insurance is not covered automatically by the IAABBCA, and is required by all campers. A medical and insurance certificate document must be presented before your child attends camp.

5. Program Cancellations and Changes

We reserve the right to cancel or modify any program listed in our brochure should there be an insufficient number of participants or any reason whatsoever regarding our regulations.
If this rare case occurs, the IAABBCA offers its clients the choice of an alternative camp program or the full reimbursement of any currency used for the payment of the camp.
There is no refund whatsoever on cancellation of a participant.

I certify that my child is in good health, can participate in all the fun and sports activities proposed at the camp and is insured in case of accidents

I hereby declare that IAABBCA camp-academy will be held 1st session from July 2 – July 6 2018; 2nd session from July 9 – July 13 2018 in Geneva Switzerland.

I release the IAABBCA and all its members of its staff from any liability in case of accident and loss of object.

I authorize the IAABBCA to process the data contained in this form as well as the photos taken during the camp.

The cancellation as well as the partial or total absence does not give right to any reimbursement.
A case-by-case evaluation will be carried out on presentation of a medical certificate.

6. Payment Regulations

Please include with your camp registration the total payment fees for the camp amounting to a total of 500. – For normal day participants and 595. – For overnight participants who have chosen this option.

7. Contact information if needed

For more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address;