Legendary coaches and professionals for a magical experience full of entertainment.

All IAABBCA campers are taught by professional coaches receiving personalized mentoring to progress.

We combine a great basketball instruction with lots of fun! - Coach Dave  

Since 22 years, The International All-American Basketball Camp has offered its traditional camps and academies during summers in Geneva, Switzerland. Appreciated and recognized for the quality of their coaching and structure, these camps welcome each summer hundreds of youngsters coming from all around the world to shared during one or more sessions their passion for basketball. During the camps, the staff puts all of its know-how at the service of the campers to help them improve their game. Campers get the chance to play with players competing at higher levels and have the opportunity to be coached by a professional staff.


Alternating specific and general practices, players and coaches work together to study and improve the knowledge and practice of the fundamentals of basketball.